Lectera.com - online education platform - Not interested in new customers

I saw an advertisement for a training platform and found it very interesting. In addition, I ran
through other courses, including paid, outlined what I needed and could buy.
Well, decided. Filled out the advertising form. I received a promo code, welcome letters,
everything is great. But here's the trouble. I go - click registration, they tell me that the account is
already registered. Okay, I click login. It says - you need to confirm my e-mail. However,
unfortunately, nowhere, even in spam no emails where there would be something remotely
resembling "confirm your e-mail" was not. I ran through all the links of the letters, the result is nil.
Not giving up hope, I clicked "forgot your password?", the result - the message: "such e-mail is not
registered". Okay - system error, site error, it happens to no one.
I write to support. I described the situation in detail. For three days - the only question: "What
email did you use when registering?". That's all, silence. In the chat on the site, too, no one
I am sure that the courses on the platform are excellent, but with this level of support, feedback, I
would not want to work with this learning platform. I hope the guys will correct these
shortcomings and will be more responsive to customers.